Artist Bio

Albatross ceramic is a Sydney based small ceramic studio, started by Yang Qiu 丘洋. Yang explores surfaces and shapes of food in painting and ceramic. Yang works with mould making and slip casting techniques that transforms vegetables (e.g. corn, eggplant, and pumpkin) and fruits (avocado, rockmelon, and mandarin) to functional ceramic and sculpture. 

Yang Qiu is a prolific interdisciplinary artist based in Sydney, Australia, whose multidisciplinary practice in ceramics and painting has been met with critical acclaim. She is renowned for her unique approach to ceramic creation, which involves transforming local produce, such as corn, eggplant, avocado, and mandarin, into functional ceramic sculptures, all while exploring the shapes and surfaces of food in her paintings.

Informed by her background as a pastry chef and her interest in art, Yang began to explore ceramics as a means of artistic expression, studying fine art at UNSW in 2017, with a focus on painting and ceramics. During this time, she became particularly intrigued by mould making, which allowed her to create objects with striking and unusual forms.

Drawing inspiration from her experiences as an only child, Yang imbues her work with a sense of whimsy and childlike wonder. She often characterizes her creations with faces and legs, as though imbuing them with personalities and identities. Through her artistic process, she envisions herself crafting new friends with whom she can dance and celebrate life.

Through her distinctive approach to ceramic creation and her exploration of the shapes and surfaces of food, Yang Qiu has established herself as a master of her craft, elevating the humble vegetable and fruit to new heights of artistic expression.